Can we derive an is from an ought?

2021.10.24 23:13 mecoides Can we derive an is from an ought?

I’ve been reviewing what Anil Seth has highlighted about the brain running predictive processes to hallucinate reality. I was wondering if there has been any thought about the implication of this finding on Hume’s famous observation.
Please share your thoughts or any links to discussion.
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2021.10.24 23:13 _crush21 Anax, nuke, and undertaker. BINs in comments

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2021.10.24 23:13 HelperPaul The duo

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2021.10.24 23:13 Paltita666 Sin ánimo de ofender

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2021.10.24 23:13 taco-john Does anyone know what kind of lizard this is? (Found in Arizona)

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2021.10.24 23:13 Worker-Own Nothing but the heels 👠.

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2021.10.24 23:13 waitingtime53 Where’s the green op41s?!?

Considering picking up the green gsf. Searched the forum but haven’t seen any pics posted. Has anyone purchased one yet and if so how close is it to gen? Was lucky enough to see a few display model op41s at an ad and green was my fav.
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2021.10.24 23:13 Forro_20 🔥

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2021.10.24 23:13 Specific_Nature_4450 [No Spoilers] What was your highest score in Arkanoid?

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2021.10.24 23:13 GratefulToBeGold Hōshōryū Tomokatsu - 豊昇龍 智勝 - The Rising Dragon

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2021.10.24 23:13 RegularGhost1 I made the breaking bad chicken in Destiny 2

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2021.10.24 23:13 GnomeTitan Radio predictions

They'll talk about how great Todd Downing did. He did VERY WELL. We'll see if they address the late 4th quarter where Henry did not need to be in the game at 27-3.... They'll talk Shane bowen and vrabes and whose calling shots on Defense. But why was Henry out there for 5-7 for more carries than needed? Why?.. I get it, in a shut out playoff or more.. but we knew the chiefs D wasn't up to par.. but why.. Darrynton Evans, Our Smoky mountain boi, is finally back.. Why not give him some more action.. That's my ONLY critique on the offense. I saw DH pissed as fuck on his last run against KC because he saw it too. He knew 8-9 dudes were coming for him. There was no reason to keep him out there
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2021.10.24 23:13 RLCD-Bot [Forest Green Octane] [Octane: Dune Racer] [Forest Green Super Manga-Bolt III] [Forest Green Draco]

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2021.10.24 23:13 baconsbacon8122 Mossberg 535 12 g

Is a 535 12g slightly used for $300 a good deal?
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2021.10.24 23:13 littlespiritedpapaya Positivity chain: cake day edition!

Hi! It's my cake day (didn't realize that until a redditor told me), so I'm doing an usual positivity chain. Start by saying hi and something about you if you want, then compliment/say cool things to a stranger in the comments. How was your day/weekend? Also here's a piece of cake for ya 🍰
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2021.10.24 23:13 Pretty-Mortgage7486 Looking for Elderwood Revolver

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2021.10.24 23:13 RossT2 Girlfriend of 9 months( 27) all of a sudden ghosting me (26) out of nowhere? Odd.

A bit of context, I met this girl a few years back, I always thought she was cute but she was engaged, got talking to her at the start of this year and we hit it off again, and it turns out she's always had a thing for me too! Great! She's got two kids, a well payed job and she was really down to earth, brutally honest and a joy to be around, she said it how it is and we could always have fun and the sex was amazing. As with all relationships we had the honeymoon period where she'd want to meet me every single day but it was very complicated with her ex still living at her house but I respected the situation and let her sort it out. Even though we snuck behind his back and slept together in his car etc.. it was all exciting; she'd been off work on full pay with furlough and then she started a new job in March as she got into serious debt due in no part to fraud, although she doesn't want the family member to get in trouble so just payed off the debt and didn't say anything which left her in almost financial ruin. I offered to help, however she is very stubborn about recieving help. So she starts this new job part time but quickly gets roped in to working full-time hours. With her new job, the kids, her sick mother, and her own case of chronic fatigue it all got a bit much for her, so I stepped back a little reassured her I'm there for her and she appreciated it.
This meant that seeing her frequently had turned into seeing her once every 6 weeks, although I was fully committed to a future with this woman, she's everything I've wanted and we both understand each other, I genuinely fell hard in love for this girl and by all accounts she felt the same about me. I didn't mind the long hours of not seeing each other because we'd communicate regularly.
We argued a little bit, after I called her out on some shitty behaviour; i.e. she said she was busy with work so didn't have time to see me? But she managed to go out after work, with her new work friends? I'm all for her going out with her friends and don't want to control her at all but telling me you want to see me and that you're trying, and then doing the complete opposite doesn't sit well with me nor anyone I know. Especially as I've been very patient with this girl regarding her spending time with her kids etc and working and her family...
And again, I know she appreciates it because a few weeks ago we were talking and I joked about her grandmother's engagement ring she wears around her neck, about how I'd have to ask her in advance and so it wouldn't be a surprise! And she said I wouldn't mind, because it's you whose asking, you know I love you 🥰....which I know is the current emotional state, but it'd been like this for quite some time...
A few days later she had an argument with her 8-year daughter because her daughter was complaining she's never at home and she's always working and she snapped and basically said 'I'm working my arse off so that you can have a better childhood than I had, don't be such an ungrateful b***" and she spoke to me later that day and I said to her you need to make time for your daughter, it's obviously very important to her and you need to maintain that relationship and she reluctantly agreed with me as she doesn't like admitting she is wrong (stubborn lol)
Her ex at this point finally moved out, but the dynamic in her household changed and she has full time responsibilities of 2 kids, and her work is just getting harder and harder at this point, so she invited me round excited at the idea of me finally being able to be more involved in her life and then her other child developed an infection and I avoided going to not get infected also which she was fine with but we did have a date planned and obviously the kid takes priority as he needed mummy to look after him as he's only a toddler bless him, he's so sweet.
So I said to her let's go bowling then! To which she said yes; and on the day of bowling I didn't get any text from her at all, all day nothing and she texts me late at night saying sorry Ive been working all day and then I took the kids bowling; I was in disbelief as she's always said she needs two parents to look after the kids as it's difficult managing them both, so I asked her why didn't she invite me along to hang out with her and she angrily responded saying if I wanted to spend time with other people I would have plus I need to spend more time with my daughter and bond with my kids, which I'm all for! I wasn't jealous at all, although I feel the little time she does have these past few weeks she's spent it bonding as a family with her ex, a she believes it's in the best interest of the child. Anyway a few texts later and she comes out with the "I don't even know what I want right now." I mean I wasn't oblivious to it, I just felt the pressure right now she's feeling it from all sides it's draining her so I again reassured her I'm here for her and If it's any help I know I want to be there to love and support her. No response.
A few days later I get a random message like hey, hope you slept okay babe xxx....I respond about an hour later and nothing, I know she checks her phone regularly as she appears online and then goes off on whatsapp etc... No response for a few days...nothing unphased I went about my business and then saw her post on social media saying the kids are away for the weekend with her ex so I thought I'd chance asking her on a date and she said they're away because I'm working a long shift lol but maybe we can meet Sunday.... Maybe plans, I do love them but I've learnt to treat maybe plans as having no plans.
Sunday [Today] comes and here enough, no text to say sorry, I'm too busy tonight just want to spend it alone. I'm guessing she was stressed with everything going on but it's been 7 weeks since I've seen her so I thought you know, I'll surprise her with some chocolate for her kids and a music speaker I bought her because when she's alone she likes to listen to music and her speaker broke and since her ex moved out...well it just seemed like a thoughtful idea..
I was with my friend in the cinema and I left and thought , I'm guessing she'd finished work as it was around 8pm, I called and she didn't answer her phone so I didn't think any of it, decided to walk to her house to try my luck so I rang her doorbell but no response, a pizza man came by so I got access to her building and knocked on her door and left the chocolate and speaker outside her door with a note, saying sorry I missed you, dinner next week? In truth I want to go for dinner because Ive noticed we haven't been communicating and I'm all for giving her space but 7 weeks? I called her again, as I'd walked all the way there it's about 45 minutes so just wanted to double check, assumed she was at work. I think nothing of it and leave, although I headed in the wrong direction, so 30 minutes later I end up walking back past her place, so I called and rang the doorbell and noticed the TV in her flat was on? So I went back upstairs to check the stuff I left upstairs was there and it was, so I just knocked on the door one final time just to see if she wanted to see me (it's been 7 weeks so you thought she'd jump at the chance) but nope...and as I'm heading downstairs I see she's now closed the curtains of her window so now I know she's actively ignoring me when otherwise apart from tonight I've been very patient with her.
I feel I've been extremely considerate of this woman's feelings and situation and I'm not mad or upset, just dissappointed as I thought she was different from other woman I'd met.
Obviously things need sorting but I feel the relationship is still somewhat salvageable, we haven't broken up yet formally but I feel her actions speak otherwise although I wished to do it myself anyway just to give her the soave she needs. it's not what I want per se, but she needs that time and space now more than she needs me. I'm still willing to be patient with her provided she's 100% commited to making this work, can I (we) make this work?
I'm hoping she's going to text me tomorrow, until the other day the messages were fine so no idea, it just feels I've been ghosted out of nowhere;
I know a lot of people will say stuff like, you tried so hard and she's not worth the effort etcc, I don't mind walking away from this either, although I want to exhaust my reserves trying to make this work at least; advice?
TL;DR - My relationship was going well, other factors got involved, I haven't seen in 7 weeks and now I feel like I'm being ghosted by the same girl that was waiting for me to propose to her a few weeks back;
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2021.10.24 23:13 fidoflores Remark Holdings

Looks like it will have a very spicy week. Buying 5k worth of calls for 4$ strike. *not financial advice* just following the momentum,
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2021.10.24 23:13 shellzero Chicken cooked in creamy tarragon sauce with roasted carrots

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2021.10.24 23:13 Content_Ad6535 What are the chances

Guys what are the chances queen bee drops the bee keeper 7 times in a row?
I want to rip my hair out.
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2021.10.24 23:13 DenzelEd12 Who is someone you dislike but respect?

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2021.10.24 23:13 cyberphanes [Spoilers] Take a shot each time Brienne says...

Take a shot each time Brienne says “a shadow with the face of Stannis Baratheon.”
I’s a straight path to alcoholism 🤝
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2021.10.24 23:13 jackymoo Crossplay need to be added to GTA online.

Rockstar should definitely look into making their game cross-platform so Xbox and Playstation users can both play together. All my friends have a PS4 and we can't have fun on GTA together. PC players should still have their own lobbies because they have hack's and will ruin the experience. My friend is a very good player who can get me millions but he can't help me because we are on different platforms. So Rockstar please add crossplay for GTA online. Thank you.
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2021.10.24 23:13 BubledonOfficial Bubledon October Giveaway is now on!

Bubledon October Giveaway is now on! We’re really excited to announce that we’ll be doing monthly giveaways for the next 3 months
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Bubledon October Giveaway
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2021.10.24 23:13 LimeGrass619 Yesterday was my brother's birthday

This is the time I was so obedient that I forgot to be obedient to God.
My brothers birthday was yester and he was a good person, but then his life turned bad and his wife divorced him and he was left homeless, requiring his friends and family to give him a place to stay for the night.
My mom worked as a foster mom and the foster safety standards are so strict that even is something is out of our control, we still get in trouble, like if there's a natural disaster or if there was a break in attempt.
How does this all fit together? As said before, my brother needed help, but we couldn't help him because the foster people wouldn't allow it. Sometimes he would come anyways and steal from us. I didnt like that he'd steal from us, and U didn't like that he was becoming more belligerent due to his new way of life. He got aggressive and my mom told me to just let him do what he want or else he'll hurt someone. She and my dad and my other older brother also told me to never speak to him or else the foster people will take away my mom's license, so I abliged. Over time, my love for my brother kept drifting away because my parents kept telling me to not help him at all. I basically had to shun him.
Eventually, calling him my brother meant nothing at all, and I failed to love my brother as God wanted. God wants you to listen to your parents, but not if it causes you to upset God. My parents feared the government, and that fear was poured on me through obedience. Normally my obedience is a great thing, like it keeps me from being lazy and I listen to my parents, pastors, doctors, the law, teachers, and other authority. Sometimes the devil will take your strength and turn it into a weakness, and I have fallen for his trap.
Yesterday would have been my brother's birthday, but he is dead now, been murdered multiple gun shots to the chest by an unknown assailant. I constantly blame myself for it because I feel worse when I don't. When I heard about his death, i was unfazed because I drifted too far from him. Only at his funeral did I remembered in my heart that he was my brother, and always will be.
All I can do is hope that in his absence did he change so that we can see each other again in heaven so I can finally tell him that I'm sorry.
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