I just finished my new Intro Chapter to my Novella

2021.12.06 19:48 Dynamaxion I just finished my new Intro Chapter to my Novella

There is a lot left unexplained, but I wanna know how well I can make this a concise intro without a big info dump. I also have a chapter outlining the original Porvus' time on Earth, and I'm not sure if that's necessary background or not. Most of my world's content will be up on my website.
TEXT (2-3 Pages)
Basically my first time asking for writing feedback publicly so nervous AF
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2021.12.06 19:48 OpJuanKenKobe FT: Pokerus slakoth LF: Diamond exclusives

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2021.12.06 19:48 Thetattooedchef Paint protection film is back in stock! Just got an email and ordered now. My SA said they sell out quickly

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2021.12.06 19:48 e1ectricthunder I got fired today.

I know I’m a fuck up so don’t say it.
I came in today at 2:30 and around 4:30 they call me to the office and of course I’m nervous as fuck but I thought maybe they were just writing me up or some shit. Nope. They fired me. The reason being I didn’t ring up a $100ish sound bar. Here’s what happened. A lady wanted a sound bar and a few other things, right? I ring up the sound bar and put the protection plan on. She says she doesn’t want the protection plan so I void it. It voids both, which I didn’t know. So she basically got a free sound bar and only paid for the other stuff.
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2021.12.06 19:48 Fast_Brilliant3092 Alguém consegue o link do Google fotos de peks desa outra de art

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2021.12.06 19:48 Independent_Theory_6 When should I spend my tickets?

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2021.12.06 19:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.06 19:48 aprils-rain Ontario Photography

Wondering if anyone is in the Ontario, Canada area that wants to photograph a boho hippie wedding? We want someone who maybe wants some more exposure to weddings without all the wedding hustle and bustle! Wedding that will be low key and laid back! We want some pictures that aren’t posed and blurring is ok! Any folks need some wedding time for September 2022?!
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2021.12.06 19:48 AlonelyShrimp Awkwardly sitting in a Lowe’s office rn.

waiting for my interview time but all the employees are just chilling here talking I’m scared.
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2021.12.06 19:48 NitroGenesis17 Albums from the past week :) Plz give recs!

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2021.12.06 19:48 Issimane77 New Rogue Concept: Ember

Ember has been known to perform very fancy tricks with fire. When her talent was challenged by Scorch, she still managed to claim victory with the power of fire. Scorch then saw the talent in her and recruited her.
Type: Duelist
Ability: Fire Starters- Ember throws a pot full of flammable oil that spills in a 7 meter radius. Enemies that step into this oil will become flammable(apart from scorch) for 4 seconds. This oil can be ignited through gunfire or lethals. Enemies that are ignited will take 15 fire damage for 3 seconds
Passive: Scorchin' Syphon- Enemies on fire take 100% more damage. Also deal 100% more damage when on fire
Primaries: Knight, mamba
Secondary: Spitfire
Melee: Kukri
Gadgets: Adrenaline Shot, Molotov
$3000: evade, nimble hands $5000: padded steps, bounce back $10000: replenish $12000: life drain
(Will post dialogue here later)
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2021.12.06 19:48 IncomeJunior1586 How does he make money ??

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2021.12.06 19:48 shibatomonmoon If anyone know that B5a1 still hold?? 🙃🚀🍺

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2021.12.06 19:48 Unable-Airport-9121 Looking dapper in the 1960s - Suresh Suri, Manoj Kumar, Feroz Khan, Joy Mukherji, Sudesh, Shashi Kapoor, Dharmendra

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2021.12.06 19:48 XelaTuobdog Jack's pretty good at twitter for being a senior citizen

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2021.12.06 19:48 tacos_and_depression Vegetable Victory 🙌✌️

I am a terrible cook and I come from a family that always ate extremely unhealthy foods. I have always struggled with vegetables. I know how important they are and when I decided to change my eating habits I wanted to conquer them. I would literally gag when I ate them.
But I am proud to announce to strangers on the internet that I have prepared and enjoyed vegetables today. I seasoned and roasted like a normal person. Lmao.
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2021.12.06 19:48 BasherBomber just wondering for 1.18 where should I mine?

anyone know the best level to mine in 1.18 now? I don't care about ores in general I just want to find cool caves
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2021.12.06 19:48 HotFlamingo7676 When you have to poop in the middle of an exam

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2021.12.06 19:48 InformalDoughnut6893 Blooming Echeveria Sullen (with bees) 🐝 I love plants and flowers 💕

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2021.12.06 19:48 InvitetoGoRaids Zekrom raid on me 5239 2808 2832 be online plz

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2021.12.06 19:48 TankmanSpiral7567 This is my boy Agoti, he loves to do absolutely nothing and he’s the best :D

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2021.12.06 19:48 Patrnzzn Any idea how to fix the login?

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2021.12.06 19:48 LKlong88 The last two trading days suck, but I finally see a glimmer of hope today

Luckin fell more than most of the Chinese stocks the last two trading days. Heck, it fell more than most stocks on US exchanges perhaps except for DOCU. But I must say that I finally see a glimmer of hope because:

  1. The slow sliding of Luckin SP seemed doomed to have a couple panic selling days to purge those wavering. I told my friend that I was concerned over that possibility, but I'm not selling. It finally happened after DIDI triggered the Chinese stock selloff, and GS letter caused more concerns and panic. It's bad to have dropped almost 22% in two days, but it's good to get that out of the way.
  2. Plenty of panic selling today - 7M shares exchanged hands while the 16% slide last Friday only had 3.1M shares. Last Friday I was concerned that some who're wavering might sell later, be it due to panic, forced liquidation due to margin, or just profit taking - we can't really go up until we see these people get out. 10M shares exchanged hands should get rid of most "weak hands".
  3. Chinese stocks stabilized and even rebounded. So did the US market. This means at least people are still willing to put money into stocks when bad news seems quiet down. Sadly Luckin still fell today, but in a market that is not in total panic mode, Luckin's value will become more attractive than perceived risks - which frankly is so much smaller than last year when Luckin jumped into double digits in days, from only $3.74.
  4. Today's very heavy selling volume at open was met with a lot of buying - with our past trading days, there were barely any purchasing. This could be indicating the buyers are realizing that Luckin is oversold, and they're coming in. Worst comes worst, part of this could be short covering by, say, bondholders. But I doubt that they care to come in just yet - and if they really do, at least it means they don't want LK SP crash either, which is a comfort at this scary time regardless.
I told my friend, had I not bought the last planned (in fact way beyond my original plan) purchase of LK shares last Friday, I would've bought today at $9.5 and then wait for $8s to add more. Would've made some decent profit. But I view Luckin as my long term investment. I haven't sold a single share this year and kept buying throughout the year. I hope we all get rewarded soon for our steadfast support of Luckin!
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2021.12.06 19:48 aluiscious ?

Are we done here? Or am I HODLIN??
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2021.12.06 19:48 Clamchops I found something to help me gain weight (Huel)

I have IBS and therefore, I'm prone to flair-ups that make me feel bloated or in pain. That stops me from eating. So I've always had difficulty adding calories to my diet and being not a twig.
I started having a Huel shake every day in addition to my meals (sometimes 2). The first week or two I had some problems but my body adjusted. This powder is low-fodmap (Huel v 3.0).
I don't work for them or anything. I'm just happy to find that and thought i would pass it on to my fellow skinny IBS people.
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