Coin Gain Optimization - #2 the bakery

2022.01.23 10:06 Xavier_Kenshi Coin Gain Optimization - #2 the bakery

In this post I'm going to go on budget with characters, shorten coins in "c", eventually items in "i" and hours in "h", making measuring unit such as coin per hour (c/h) and coin per item (c/i).
All the data I'm going to show in the post are assuming you buy and sell everything at max price since there are very little reason to do otherwise.
Post from u/onlyhere4laffs on this machine here. Now that the introduction is out of the way let's get down to business:
THE BAKERY The bakery is the first product bilding you unlock and it features eleven products with a large unlock variety speaking about levels since bread, first one you unlock, is aviable from level 2, while Banana Bread is the last one you will unlock and it's happen on level 91.
I asked myself wich product would have give me the most money and the answer is quite complex. There are many factor to consider, as in-game time, your barn and silo capacity, wheter you are saving up or using some material for specific purposies and many other.
To be short *Frutti di Mare Pizza* is going to give you the most coin per hour ratio, but since it use Fish Fillet and Lobster Tail is impossible to have consistency with producing it. This item takes 0.25h (15mins) to make and gives you 4032c per stack, thus 16128.0c/h. But Frutti di Mare Pizza is not the item wich makes your time be more worthy as it increas the value of your ingredients by 18.0c/i (+5%), growing your net gain by 720.0c/h.
There are items which gives more value to your time staying in production. I'm talking about *Bread* and *Gingerbread Cookie*s. The problem here is producing time once again: bread takes 5 minutes to make so, it depends on your bakery slots, but you will have to be very active to keep production alive. Gingerbread Cookies takes half an our wich gives a littel more flexibility. Bread incread the value of your items by 10.8c/i and gain by 1296.0c/h, while Gingerbread Cookies gives 54.0 more c/i and 1080.0c/h.
The product gives you most coins is *Banana Bread*, but its ingredients per se are still valuable, in fact Banana Bread is worth 424.8c/i, but its ingridients are 403.2c, so you gain 5% more than selling those. Agains *Bread* is the most profittable in this field: with his 10.8c/i it gives you 100% more value from the 3 wheats!
Here the sheet for the bakery. The cost is calcolated assuming the buy product are at max price.
CONCLUSION As statend in the previous post, bread is the most valuable wheat product, and gives you most gain from processing its ingredients, as well as coin per hour, giving "wheating" a way to dispose exess materials. Followed by corn bread (+43%) and cookie (+38%). Gingerbread cooki gives you net 54.0c/i, but its ingridient are quite pricy, leaving it with +25%.
The biggest "burst" of coin is given by Banana bread, making it the choice to work overnight. Cookie is also good to make experience on the bakery itself.
I do apriciate if you camed this far, share the post if you think someone may found it interesting. All suggestion about this matter, my writing style and formatting skills are well-welcomed. Have a great one. ;)
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2022.01.23 10:06 wahama07 Help appealing care taker decision

I'm in need of help on appealing a denied decision on having my wife be my care taker. I have been denied twice now and I'm trying to get input from those who have been denied but then had a successful appeal. I'm 100 percent total and permanent because of my schizoaffective bipolar type disorder and anxiety and depression. I have been getting all my care from my VA since 2015 and I have been very detailed about all the things I need help with. My wife has to stay home from work fairly regularly because of my episodes along with her doing all the cooking, shopping, and driving to places, she helps me with grooming and changing lays out outfits and meals for me. I have gone into detail about my constant hallucinations and anxiety attacks and how I become very suicidal. I also had a care taker at the highest tier for 3 years before the change.
We are losing out on quite a bit of income because she's having to miss work and she's already doing so much to take care of me. I'm not physically incapable of doing things for the most part, but when I'm deep in an episode I become mentally and physically incapable.
The VA decision has been that I'm not in need of care for more than 6 months at a time and that I'm too young, I'm 32,
Is this process something I can get a lawyer involved with? What can I do to help me win this? Please help
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🔥Telegram @thenewdropnlpyt hit me on there if this account is removed. NL GROUPS • PYT DROPBOX $5 for 25 links $10 for 45 Links • $5 for 75 mega links •$5 for 10+ TELE LINKS proof available • best seller • DM NOW !!! 🔌 submitted by Ok-Examination-4381 to diamond_monroe [link] [comments]

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Been eyeing up a new exhaust and intake. Can anyone recommend some goods exhausts? I've seen/heard some awesome unres Cobra's, and they sound a lot meatier than the Milltek's, but I'm not too sure.
Anyone got any personal experience or examples?
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Does anyone have a working link for the discord?
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Yakından takip edilen kripto analisti Benjamin Cowen, amiral gemisi kripto tüm zamanların en yüksek seviyesinden %50'nin üzerinde değer kaybederken Bitcoin için potansiyel bir taban fiyat belirledi.
Finansal özgürlük YouTube kanalı InvestAnswers ile ilgili yeni bir röportajda Cowen, 30.000
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This feauture is interesting, because many compressed mp3 have different volumes and i do't want adjust volume every time, but my question is: this feauture degrade the quality of dynamic or something else of musics or not?
i'm listening music with a good headphone (hd660s)
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2022.01.23 10:06 FluffyDucky123 Are LEAP options worth buying right now?

Since the recent decline in the price, I think there has been a lack of options talk lately. I don't know if its because some guys got burned, even with monthlies and are just fatigued or if its because it was just a shill campaign all along to steal some quick cash. So I was thinking maybe this is actually a good time to get into some long term options.
Is implied volatility too high right now or should I just say screw it and yeet some cash at some slightly otm calls for jan of next year? Any wrinkle brains out here know wassup?
What do you guys think?
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2022.01.23 10:06 Paulino_Monet Were Billy and Stu having an affair?

It seems like it's often been thought of that Billy and Stu were in a relationship, Leopold and Loeb style. The dynamics between the two guys, Billy getting jealous enough of Tatum to the point of killing her.
I like that Neve Campbell was even asked about this.
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