kak4y befat f8tet fiyd7 3edhf hkkeh dtish 7tndy 7itrs az4y4 2i75t da7sf dy3ra 9kykr dh4z2 f2i9f a2t8r aar8s zaais bi5zz f479n Recommend me films with unlikeable characters we can't help but love! |

Recommend me films with unlikeable characters we can't help but love!

2022.01.23 08:30 Phileas--Fogg Recommend me films with unlikeable characters we can't help but love!

I'm a writer but look to films to (quickly) teach me how a story works. I've written a superunlikeable protagonist whose morally bankrupt-- but we all know that's not the main problem, everyone loves an antihero/ morally grey character-- but he's so horrible people want to stop reading.
Any examples of unlikeable but loveable characters in film that can show me how it's done or any tips?
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2022.01.23 08:30 suni001 Another way to wrap thick and lengthy cable (HD650)

I call it the firecracker tie. BTW, Happy Chinese New Year folks!
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2022.01.23 08:30 Tears-Infection [Pixel Art] Roasting yourself to perfection, the right way to cook bacon.

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Hi Man 123
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2022.01.23 08:30 HenrisReddit This Minecraft Animation took me 3 WEEKS to make

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2022.01.23 08:30 Loose-Dream5038 43m Melbourne, Australia looking for younger guys 21 and under for chat or maybe more if you are nearby.

If you are young and cute and want to chat, send me a message.
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2022.01.23 08:30 digernicnucingfigers Could this become a speedrunning category?

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2022.01.23 08:30 Disastrous_Union_491 When Devar says 'i find girls hotter in red suit'. And Next day Divyanka wears the same and surprise you but you say ' bhabhi abhi abhi maine aapko ready hote dekh muth maar li, ab mai nahi chod sakta aapko' . Divyanka says' kya devarji, mujhe chodne ke bajay aapne muth kyu maari?'

When Devar says 'i find girls hotter in red suit'. And Next day Divyanka wears the same and surprise you but you say ' bhabhi abhi abhi maine aapko ready hote dekh muth maar li, ab mai nahi chod sakta aapko' . Divyanka says' kya devarji, mujhe chodne ke bajay aapne muth kyu maari?' submitted by Disastrous_Union_491 to DivyankaTripathi [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:30 no7hink Control shouldn’t be the « casual » playlist.

I get that it’s supposed to be a space where new player can « participate » but, as someone who adore Control and play it everyday (top 4% according to Destiny Tracker), let me tell you this harsh truth : 90% of the people playing Control have absolutely no idea of what they are doing.
They don’t know what what holding points does, they don’t know what power play does, they don’t know why a spawn swap happen let alone the concept of anchoring to avoid it. They just want to shoot stuff and I don’t blame them for that.
That said those people makes real Control players life miserable. Combined with the god awfull lobby balancing introduced since 30th anniversary and the increase spawn timer (who though a single second it would be a good idea ?), I can predict with 100% accuracy how a game will unfold in in the first 30 seconds just by looking at my team comportement around control points.
Make Clash the main casual playlist as it should be (with a freelance SBMM option for new players to pactise) and move Control to the side so that people who really enjoy the game mode can have decent games.
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2022.01.23 08:30 Lortekonto The danish golden age

Different countries have different golden ages. Victoria III starts in the middle of the danish golden age. I have written this, because the 1836’s Denmark is interesting, being both one of the most progressive countries in Europe, while also having one of if not the most absolute ruler. To understand why there is a golden age, we first need to talk about agriculture reforms. A talk about agriculture reforms is a talk about Frederik IV and to talk about Frederik VI we need to talk about Christian VII.
Before that though I have to point out that I am not a historian. I have omitted details, both to save time on the post and to build a kind of narrative.
The Mad King and enlightenment reforms
Christian VII became the absolute monarch of Denmark at the age of 17 in 1766. The young king had several severe mental health problems and while he in theory was the absolute ruler of the realm, in practice he was controlled by the nobles in his council.
During an international travel he meet Johan Struensee. Struensee was a trained physician, well educated and a firm believer in the ideals of the enlightenment. Struensee had a good relation to the king and seemed to be able to handle his mental health issues well, so he became his personal physician.
Over a few years Struensee was able to get the king's trust, disband the council that was controlling the king and instead put himself in charge of the country. Together with a small group of radical progresive Struensee reformed the hell out of Denmark like only a well educated man with unlimited power and no fear of backlash could do it. The bureaucracy was simplified. Ineffective nobles were fired from their positions and the government was made into a meritocracy. Much of Denmark was reorganised in a way that made it simpler for the central government to rule and control the country. On top of that the army was reorganised. The nobility lost many of their privileges. Freedom of press was introduced and then limited. Educational reforms. Healthcare reforms. Poverty reforms. Tarif reforms. Police reforms, limiting the power of the police In the span of a year and a half Struensee and his small group of enlightened friends made more than two thousand cabinet orders.
Such a quick and radical change in the society ensured that Struensee had enemies absolutely everywhere. From the nobility and clergy to farmers and workers. On top of all of this Struensee started having a romantic relationship with the queen. In early 1772, Struensee was removed from power through a coup. He was tried and executed. Many of his reforms were rolled back. Especially those that had limited the power of the nobility, but most of his government reforms, simplified bureaucracy, educational, healthcare and poverty reforms were there to stay. The press was also limited a bit more, but it was still a lot more free than it had been before Struensee. There is a whole movie about Struensee though it focuses more on the romance and less on the reform parts.
Radical Reforms 1.2 electric boogaloo
Just 12 year latter Frederik VI, the first born son of Christian VII, was 16 years old and declared of legal majority. He then decided to coup the coupers. He would rule as prince regent until the dead of his father in 1808 and then as king for another 31 year.
Thanks to Strueseens reforms Frederik VI could rule one of the most centralised countries in Europe with absolute power and he is normally counted as one of the 20 or so Enlightened Absolute Monarchs.
One of the most important things Frederik VI did was introducing farming reforms. Many farming reforms. From 1786 to 1816 there was a big Farming Commision, which mostly introduced different farming reforms.
Before the reforms danish farming was hopeless old school. The majority of farming land was owned by peasants, but it was common property of the individual villages. Denmark did not traditionally have serfdom, but had introduced their own version of it fifty years before and peasants had to work a certain amount for the local nobility.
The farming commision abolished serfdom, restricted the power of the nobility, removed many of the peasant duties and introduced individual property rights. At first this gave Frederik VI many enemies within the nobility and big land owners, but that changed as production soared and nobles were able to earn more and more money by renting their land to Free Farmers. Free Farmers being the name of the new middle class that sprung up at the country side. When the game starts subsistence farming is almost erradicated.
While this went on other commisions were reforming other parts of society. The first teacher seminarium oppened in 1791 with the aim to educate the many new teachers that would soon be needed. In 1814 the commision introduced 6 years of compulsory education for all. Thousand of schools were build, because no child was allowed to have more than 2 kilometer to school.
The first vaccine program was introduced in 1803, against smallpox. Smallpox vaccination was made compulsory in 1810. Jews were granted full citizenship in 1814. Slave trade made illegal in 1792, woth the law taking full effect in 1803.
The last of Frederik VI importent reforms was the sound toll. All trade to and from the baltic sea had to go through danish waters and toll was put on it. During this periode around ⅓ of the governments revenue came from this toll. Relative late in his rule Frederik V realised that the toll was actuelly harming danish economy, since it for many traders was faster and cheaper to move their gods over land south for Denmark. It also harmed danish traders a lot since they were moving gods through danish waters the most. So more inspectors were hired and the toll was reduced.
When it came to his own personal rule Frederik VI was not a progresive reformer. On the contrary. He actually reduced the free speech even more. But in the end he was forced to bring more democracy to his people. Denmark had kind of being forced to ally with France during the Napoleonic Wars, because the brits had attacked Denmark and firebombed Copenhagen.
With the end of the war Denmark was forced to give up Norway to Sweden and introduce Estates Assembly. The estates would assemble in each danish region every second year to discuss politics and advice the king on reforms. Their role were only advisorial, but since 25% of the population could vote for who would represent them in the Assembly it was the first reason the population had to argue politics.
When the game starts in 1836 the second round of assemblies are to be held. The king have reigned for 47 years and is no longer the big reformer as he was in his youth. He have slowly stepped back and allowed the official apparatus to run most of the country. He is well loved by most of the country and public known as Frederik Eiegode(Frederik the Good). Celebrated as the saviour of the kingdom when he returned from the Congress of Vienna. Norway had been lost, but most people had feared a complete dissolution of Denmark. He was still remembered for bringing prosperity to the countryside, freedom to the peasants and education and enlightenment to the entire people. In reality he would die 71 years old in 1839.
Golden Age
A long time ago you were promised a golden age. A danish golden age. So what does that actually mean? Well the danish golden age is an age of incredible high production of arts in Denmark. The focus is on the national unique characteristics and involves, but are not limited to litteratur, music, songs, paintings, sculptures, theater, science and architecture.
It was properly a combination of many reasons as to why the golden age comes around. The growing middle class and levels of litteracy. More people moving to the cities. Construction of the royal academy for arts. But not least the anti-Struensee law of 1764. Remember that Struensee had been german, so a law was passed that made it illegal for people not born danish to hold the highest public positions. Until this point in time the leaders of the different cultural institutions had often been german, france or dutch, but from that point on they would all be danish, which meant that for the first time ever danish cultural institutions took a look at danish culture.
So who are these golden age people and what have they really made?
You properly know H. C. Andersen and his fairy tales. He will publish the Little Mermaid in 1837.
The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard is still studying. He will graduate in 1841.
Bertel Thorvaldsen. A sculptor and medalist. Only non-italien to make a grave memorial for a pope in St. Peter’s Basilica. He made the Lion monument Which Mark Twain called.

the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.
He returned to Denmark in 1838 as a hero. Frederik VI ordered a museum build to him, which was build by the famous architect Bindsbølle, who is most famous for buildings Thorvaldsens museum.
When it came to painting C.W. Eckersberg is your man. Not only because of his personal paintings, but because he was a professor at the Royal Academy for arts, where he influenced a whole generation of painters. Here is a short youtube clips about the golden age painters.
Then there is the poet and playwright Adam Oehlenschläger. His work is not that well known outside Denmark, but he brought romantisme to Denmark and wrote one of the countries two national anthems.
There are more golden age artists, but it would be unreasonable of me to try to introduce them all. The last and for us most importent need an entire chapter for himself.
**it is the real old school MC.
I give you N F S Grundtvig**
Make way for the pastor himself. The most productive writer in danish history. He will reform your faith. He will reform your nationalism. He will reform your educational system. Hell he will even reform your democracy before you get it.
I am sure that if Grundtvig had live today, he would have written rap. Had he lived 40 years ago, he would have written rock. But he lived almost 200 years ago, so instead he wrote psalms. 1500 psalms. Many of them is sung outside the church. For celebrations. For gatherings. For the big holidays. Even more are sung inside the church. You would be hard pressed to find a dane who can’t sing at least a verse or two written by Grundtvig.
The psalms is only part of his work. Grundtvig have translated(Being the first to translate Beowulf to a modern language), written books, articles, songs and poems. His work not only caught, but defined and changed the soul, essens and spirit of what being danish meant. The univesity of Copenhagen have a department of Grundtvig studies.
Grundtvig is not that well known outside Denmark, because he speaks so much to danes and the danish experience. Even for danes he can be hard to understand, especially because over his life Grundtvig goes from being a bit conservative to being super liberal.
Grundtvig did not think that faith or christianity could be rationalised. Instead he believed that the most importent part of christianity was the spoken words in the rituals that had been handed down through history. The individual found their truth in that moment and in those uncaptured words. Individuals should have freedom to choose their own faith and their own priest.
This leads us to education. Here Grundtvig is against the dictatorship of the written word and root learning. He talk about the importance of the living word. The class discussion. That testing and force is counter productive. Students might learn what they are taught, but they will not truly comprehend it and constant evaluation will kill any spirit or joy the students might find in learning. Joyful hands finds work easy.
Also education should not only be for kids. He want people of all ages to get education. Not only in the traditional subjects. He wants people to learn about everything. Life long education in a school for and about the entire life. Reading and writing yes, but also about politics, how to take an active part in society, history, craftmanship and arts. To him it is not just about education. It is about enlightenment.
Since people are different, it would be impossible to make a perfect form of school that worked for everyone. Instead kids and parents should be able to choose their own teacher and school, based on the need of the individual kid.
This does not mean that Grundtvig is against university and higher learning. Higher education and books have their place. The truth though is that very few at this point in time will go to university, so school need to do more than just prepare people for college. I need to teach people stuff they need in their every day life. Small video with american trying to explain why Grundtvig is importent.
I could write for ages about Grundtvigs idea about nationalisme and how democracy should truly be a peoples democracy. The small bits are not that importent though. Let us just say that he endeed up being liberal and believed that your national identity was not chosen by birth or blood, but by yourself. The last importent bit though, is who listened to him? What part of society follow Grundtvig and his liberal ideas? Who wanted educational reforms at a time when Prussia had just been able to implement compulsory education for all Prussians?
Well Grundtvigianerne as the followers of Grundtvig would be known, came from all part of society, but the majority were the free farmers and small landowners on the country side, who themself had experienced how freedom had brought them wealth.
The movement was strong. Many schools were opened based on Grundtvigs ideas. Close to 10% of all children attends a free school based on Grundtvigs thoughts. About half of all danes will in their teenage years attend boarding schools(Efterskole) build on Grundtvigs teaching and even as adults tens of thousands will attend special adult boarding schools(Folkehøjskole) each year. It have spread to other countries. Highlander Folk School is properly the most famous school in the USA to draw inspiration from Grundtvig. It was an importent part of the civil rights movement and people such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks attended there.
This is not where we are when the game starts though. The movement first gains it full momentum in the 50’s and 60’s. In 1836 Grundtvig have returned from England were he had translated Beowulf. The travel and work was paid for by Frederik IV. He have just released his first psalm book and is now working on his first book about education and educational reforms, based in part on his experience with boarding schools in England.
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2022.01.23 08:30 Ropee94 Pay

Is pay by weekly or weekly I start next week but can't seem to find anything in the paper work and just trying to figure out budgeting between my 2 jobs
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2022.01.23 08:30 ikilledthemusic Jeff the annoying demon…

So, I took two gummies with the guy I’m dating and we were watching Paranormal Activity 3 when they kicked in. It hit me that the name of the demon is Toby and I thought that was a ready dumbass name for a demon and I said whatever happened to names like Jezebel? Anyway, that got me on a tangent about a bunch a poltergeist and demons with real plain ass names and I started busting up laughing and said, “Like what if there’s a demon named Jeff and he doesn’t really do any harm or anything he just is really fucking annoying by going around pouring everyone tea? Sure at first it would be chill, but after a while it’s like Jeffrey you need to get the fuck out of here with you fucking tea or we’re gonna get your ass exercised.”
In conclusion, I might still be high cause this shit is still really ducking funny to me.
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2022.01.23 08:30 Arslan_maxhar چائے تو پی کر چلی گئیں محترمہ...!! لیکن ہونٹ اپنے بُھول گئیں کپ پر...🙂🖤

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2022.01.23 08:30 Immediate_Answers How do people feel about CA banning the mixing of sub-factions?

For players that play all one Dynasty I can imagine this changes very little bit for those that take the Silent King and other Dynasties, I can imagine this limits the army building quite a bit.
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2022.01.23 08:30 KyodoNSR Oldie📸🔥

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2022.01.23 08:30 treneddy Join the fight against COVID–19 by sharing your health status at https://ireport.algorand.org. Your self-report helps build iReport-COVID, the world's first open database for understanding COVID-19. Share your status even if symptom-free, update when your status changes, and please spread the word.

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2022.01.23 08:30 my_irlthrowaway Can people with BPD initiate a breakup? What’s it look like?

I had a partner who I suspected was BPD, and discussed it with my psych. I remember telling my psych that my partner just kind of left the relationship hanging, to which my psych answered…

“If she has BPD, that’s because she can’t break up.”
I just wondered if this is true, that people with BPD can’t initiate breaks/breakups because of the triggering emotions that causes. Or if this was just misleading and there’s a lot of way this manifests when it’s time to move on.
Any insight would be appreciated!
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2022.01.23 08:30 badfinancialadvice5 Haven’t done instafart in a while sooo

I was asked to do the ‘make sure it’s you’ picture. I took a picture of my nutsack and passed with flying colors. Now I may have the manscaped 4.0, but I can’t look that much like testicles. Some nice recognition software you have there IC.
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